Music and Internet

In Twenty First century, technology has growth so fast and unstoppable, especially information and telecommunication technology. For the example is Internet, internet allows you to find any information that you needed. Tons of information can be found only by one single click.

music_promotionMost of people use the internet to download anything they want, like E-books, videos, music’s, computer programs, etc. Music fans usually get their loved music’s from internet by downloading it. They love doing this because many sites in the internet that provide tons of music for their customers and serve it for free. This situation become very controversial, they think this is illegal way to get music’s or songs. We must pay some money to legal sites to get it. Do you believe it?

Many software programs like Limeware, Kaza, Morpheus, Gnutella, and Grokster designed to download music or songs. These software programs operate on the peer-to-peer sharing model to downloading MP3 files. The software will takes down your IP’s and compiles a list of the audio files on your computer. Then the software passes your IP’s and songs to other computers that are log on too. Other computers that logged on can download Robbie Williams songs from your computer If you have Robbie Williams songs and logged on too. Usually I call it world-wide file sharing.

Usually you must pay from 79 to 99 cents to download an audio file from online music stores. Every store have their own policies, you can listen to 30 seconds song clip before you decide to buy it or no. Some others give the audio files for free as long you pay the subscription fee.

So good luck!!! Hope you can find all music that you want.

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