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Yahoo directory

Yahoo directory

What is a web directory? Did you know about web directory? Do you think I know something about web directory? The answer is : NO………. Sorry, just a joke. Web directory is not a search engine like Google, yahoo, msn, etc and does not display lists of web pages based on the keyword that you typed on the box; instead, it lists web sites by category. For example, yahoo directories categorized to Arts & Humanities, Business & Economy, Computers & Internet, Education, Entertainment, Government, Health, News & Media, Recreation & Sports, Reference, Regional, Science, Social Science, Society & Culture and specified more into detailed subcategories. Web directories often allow site owners to directly submit their site for inclusion, and have editors review submissions for fitness.

Web directory usually used by webmasters to drive more traffic into their own web or blog. This like free incoming link bait into their blog/web. It is not easy to get accepted on web directory. You need to wait for a long time if you submit it into manual operated web directory which are edited by human volunteers. Read the rest of this entry »


Music and Internet

In Twenty First century, technology has growth so fast and unstoppable, especially information and telecommunication technology. For the example is Internet, internet allows you to find any information that you needed. Tons of information can be found only by one single click.

music_promotionMost of people use the internet to download anything they want, like E-books, videos, music’s, computer programs, etc. Music fans usually get their loved music’s from internet by downloading it. They love doing this because many sites in the internet that provide tons of music for their customers and serve it for free. This situation become very controversial, they think this is illegal way to get music’s or songs. We must pay some money to legal sites to get it. Do you believe it?

Many software programs like Limeware, Kaza, Morpheus, Gnutella, and Grokster designed to download music or songs. These software programs operate on the peer-to-peer sharing model to downloading MP3 files. The software will takes down your IP’s and compiles a list of the audio files on your computer. Then the software passes your IP’s and songs to other computers that are log on too. Other computers that logged on can download Robbie Williams songs from your computer If you have Robbie Williams songs and logged on too. Usually I call it world-wide file sharing.

Usually you must pay from 79 to 99 cents to download an audio file from online music stores. Every store have their own policies, you can listen to 30 seconds song clip before you decide to buy it or no. Some others give the audio files for free as long you pay the subscription fee.

So good luck!!! Hope you can find all music that you want.

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Obama Administration’s Goal of 1 Million Plug-in Electric Vehicles

Meeting of the Obama Administration’s goal of 1 million plug-in electric vehicles on the road by 2015 will only come with a coordinated set of policies and technological advances, according to an electric vehicle partnership .

The Association of Electric Transport Unit (EDTA) on Tuesday is expected to release a set of policy recommendations to initiate what the automotive industry executives call a major technological change of gas only for electric cars.

EDTA members include manufacturers of automotive battery business, a number of power plants and other industry associations.

The group is pushing for policies to promote domestic industry, fund research, and launch large-scale testing of electric vehicles. He said tax incentives, now offer consumers up to a $ 7500, depending on size of the battery, should be extended to a larger number of private cars and fleet purchases.
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Microsoft Refocuses on Mobile Services

Microsoft has made some setbacks in the mobile world, but a change in strategy carried out over a year ago will soon pay dividends, the company’s top Windows Mobile executive said.

Andy Lees, the executive through the server unit a year ago, said that efforts by Microsoft to ensure that its mobile software might work in a wide range of inquiries led to an operating system that does not exploit advances in hardware.

“The goal of a lowest common denominator,” said Lees. Microsoft also was limited by the origin of Windows Mobile, which was developed for handheld computers that power or connected to a voice network or manipulated.

“We started when we were in the PDA (personal digital assistants), and then a phone is tied to the back of the PDA,” said Lees. The company also acknowledged that no phones – even those that were used for business – still the largest number of professional staff as they were.

Meanwhile, Apple and Google have joined the fray with the operating system designed from scratch to build the ultimate in phone technology.

But Lees said that Microsoft embarked on a new strategy that will take some time to complete over the next 18 months. The first steps in that strategy, he said, the conference announced at Mobile World Congress which takes place in Barcelona in the middle of next month.

“It’s what you’ll see a lot of announcements in the Mobile World Congress, but will also be the beginning of a 12 -, 18-months you will see a lot of different things,” said Lees.

Part of the new strategy for Microsoft, Lees said, is not based on operating system upgrades to improve its products. The new approach, while making money by selling a mobile operating system, puts considerable attention to services that help connect the phone to the PC and Web, as well as devices like the Xbox.

Microsoft has two separate teams in the work of the piece. One is the Microsoft Windows Live group, while the other is a secret group led by former Chief of Unit Roz Ho Mac – a group that also includes equipment acquired when Microsoft bought Danger. Lees refused to say specifically what it is for Ho, however.

Lees, but acknowledged the company also needs to improve the operating system kernel, which is widely seen as less than most of its rivals.

For some time, Microsoft has been working on a major overhaul of its operating system, known as Windows Mobile 7. However, that project has hit delays, prompting Microsoft to move forward with an update, Windows Mobile 6.5, the company is expected to detail next month. Lees refused to comment specifically on either version of the operating system, but promised that the company has more to say about the operating system front in Barcelona.

Lees also promised that Microsoft would begin working more closely with hardware makers. He noted that concerns late last year with LG and Samsung.

He noted that the power of the types of phones that come out next year will be incredible, even today far beyond the devices. Phones next year will have dual-core processors, super-fast data connections, and graphics power rivaling that of the original Xbox.

“That’s a phenomenal thing on a phone,” he said. The phones of the future will also have more than just information about the location of GPS sensors. “We know where it says, we know that the angle which is celebrated.”

Web browsing was another weak spot for Microsoft. The company made up some ground late last year with a pocket browser essentially crams the desktop Internet Explorer 6 on a Windows Mobile phone. But it lacks the kind of easy zoom and gesture recognition in the iPhone or pre Palm. Lees Microsoft promised that would surpass those interfaces by the end of the year.

Lees not confirm the details of a rumored rival Apple App Store, known as SkyMarket.

“There is some question whether we can connect directly with the developer and end user,” he said. “We’re seeing that.”

Apple dismissed the idea that Microsoft and others, are gaining ground for the iPhone, however.

Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer dismissed the increasing competition from rival Apple kept saying “coming years”.

“Our competitors are scrambling to try to copy our success,” he said.

Car of The Future

LONDON, England – For a century, the gasoline engine has remained largely unanswered, seeing the face of all the pretenders to their crown. However, with concerns about emissions of greenhouse gases and a host of new contenders are looming large in the rearview mirror, is the gasoline automobile fuel due to be overtaken by a fleet of cleaner, agile rivals?

I takes a look at the competition of electric vehicles for cars that run on hydrogen, solar energy and even the air.

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Nielsen finds strong TV-Internet usage overlap

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Almost one third of all home Internet activity in North America takes place while the user watches television, suggesting the new and old media often share rather than compete for attention, The Nielsen Company said in a report on Friday.

In fact, the study found that heavy Internet users are among the most dedicated viewers, spending over 250 hours in front of the camera, compared with 220 hours of television viewed by people who never go on line.

The findings appear to be good news for broadcasters worry that the Internet was sent off for viewers, and with them advertising dollars. It also helps explain the apparent paradox between the increase in global television audience and the growing popularity of new media.

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HP launched $400 mini-notebook

SAN FRANCISCO – Hewlett-Packard Co. on Wednesday presented a new mini-notebook in an attempt to gain ground in the fastest-growing PC category, which so far has been dominated by its smaller rival.

Netbooks – ultraportable, low-cost laptops designed for Web browsing and functions of light – have taken the PC market by storm this year, with smaller computer companies such as Acer and Asustek Inc team leading the charge .
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