Mumbai Attact, Commandos entered dark hotel filled with bodies and gunfire

MUMBAI, India – Inside the dark, with Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, hallways were filled with bloodied bodies. The terrorists are still holding 200 people 33 hours after the assault began.

Knowing virtually nothing about what may lie in the dark recesses of the hotel, the commands of the Indian Army decided to go back in – and were met by terrorists firing without mercy, throwing grenades and continually changing positions.

The sound of gunfire and explosions throughout the affected atrium of the hotel, making it impossible to determine the origin of the gunfire.

Through all the commands I walked down the tall, black rooms, trying to navigate the damaged hotel without knowing the layout.
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The 10 Most Heartbreaking Songs Of All Time

10 Bonnie Raitt: “I can not make you love me,” the luck of the draw (Capitol, 1991) “I’m going to feel the power, but no …” It is very “tasty” and LA-musoid, Smokey this ballad of resignation to the loss, but also rings hauntingly like a real articulation of honesty in the midst of misery – which makes it much like a song of healing as any other thing.

9 Lorraine Ellison: “Stay with me,” Single (Warner Brothers, 1966) “No, no! I can not believe it! You are leaving me!” The epic Bert Berns, Jerry Ragovoy ballad style taken to the outer limit, partly thanks to a loan orchestra of Frank Sinatra. Building slowly to the volcanic peaks, and laceratingly intense to the point of hoarseness, this is the soul emotion on the brink of absolute despair.
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Carlsberg Web-TV

It is a great pleasure if you see the football with all its friends around the world in the fields real. But if you can’t, the world is not ending. You can see it on television. You can shout along with his friends at his house. As you know, football is the big sport in the world. This sport has a wide range of supporters, many of the age and sex.

Carlsberg as the sponsor of most of the football game has launched the website which undoubtedly will meet visitors in the sample by looking through the Internet. This web-TV is accessible in the The visitor will be very fun to see the shows in this web Carlsberg-interactive TV, is designed to interface surprising.

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Spokesman of Jackson: singer, Sheik resolve demand

Michael Jackson has reached an agreement with a sheik from Bahrain, which said that the singer owes him $ 7 million after breaching a contract signed, the pop star’s spokeswoman said Sunday.

The out-of-court settlement means Jackson will not testify at London’s High Court as scheduled on Monday, Aponte said Celene.

Dozens of journalists and fans had been expected to cram the courtroom for the appearance of the ever-unpredictable King of Pop. Aponte said Jackson was informed of the operation as he was going to board a flight to London.

“As Jackson was about to board his plane to London, was advised by his legal team to postpone their trips, because the parties had concluded an agreement in principle,” said Aponte. “Therefore, you do not attend court on Monday.”
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US Massive Rescue Effort Plans for Citigroup

WASHINGTON – rushing to rescue Citigroup, the government agreed to shoulder hundreds of billions of dollars in potential losses in the bank and struck a new plow $ 20 million in the company.

Hope that the regulation of the dramatic action to strengthen the badly shaken confidence in the once mighty giant of banking, as well as the nation’s financial system, a goal that has so far been elusive despite a series of government interventions to combat worst global crisis since the 1930s.

Wall Street seemed to encourage actions such as futures moved higher before the market opening in New York. Dow Jones industrial average futures rose nearly 2 percent. Stock markets in Britain and Germany gained more than 4 percent in afternoon trading. Shares of Citigroup rose themselves 44 percent to 5.64 dollars in pre-trading.

“If you do not help, the damage would be beyond imagination,” said Suan Teck Kin, economist at United Overseas Bank in Singapore.
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Seven Famous People who Survived the Bankruptcy

As the economy continues to look bleak, the word “bankrupt” is in the tips of more and more languages. While not able to pay the creditors of one is never a good situation for a company or an individual, may not be the financial kiss of death that you might think. (Just ask Donald Trump, whose casinos have gone bankrupt twice.)
A number of people have been too much and ended up filing for bankruptcy, only successful club and to find firmer financial footing again.

Here are some famous names to knew what was being strapped for cash:

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Megan Fox Fans Fooled by ‘Wonder Woman’ Hoax

Since its role in the evasion of responsibility “Transformers,” 22-year-old brunette beauty Megan Fox has acquired an enormous Fanbad online. Therefore, was big news this week as revealed that she would be the image of DC Comics superhero Wonder Woman in the upcoming big screen adaptation. There is only one problem: it is a fake.

In the “Holy Trinity” of the DC Comics superheroes, an iconic figure has been conspicuously absent from movie screens. Superman had its heyday in the 70s, Batman in the 90s, and both have been revived in the last three years. However, Wonder Woman, the Amazon princess with the magic lasso and invisible plane, has not had a vivid portrait of action since the last episode of the TV series to air in 1979. There have been attempts in recent years to put together a film version of Warner Bros. Pictures dragged in by Joel Silver, a veteran producer of the “Lethal Weapon” and “Matrix” franchise. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” creator Joss Whedon was attached to write and direct, but left the project of “creative differences” last year.