Woods Puts Family Before Golf

Tiger Woods says he is close to his anticipated return to competitive golf, but first put their family decides its schedule for the rest of the season.

The world number one has not played since winning his 14th major title at last June in the U.S. Open the four rounds of the game in agony with a ruptured ligament in his left knee and a double stress fracture of the lower leg.

The world’s richest athlete had reconstructive knee surgery following his playoff victory over Rocco Mediate at Torrey Pines and gave himself for the remainder of the 2008 season.

Woods had been rumored to be making his return to the PGA Tour in the near future, but he told his personal website that was not at all sure it will throw itself into a full-time program.

“Once again, I’m not sure how much I play,” said Woods.

“The perfect scenario is smoothly back and play a full schedule.”

He added: “At this point, especially with the baby coming, I’m taking the tournament to tournament. With our new addition will be a busy spring.”

Woods and wife Elin are expecting their second child later this month. They already have a 19th month old daughter Sam.

“Much depends on the baby, due soon,” said Woods in his monthly newsletter. “This is unprecedented in the golf wise.”

Personal issues aside, Woods seems happy with his progress since he took his first swings with a golf club in December.

“I did some work with Hank Haney for a few days last week and everything is fine,” said Woods.

“I’m full diameter with my practice sessions and have no restrictions, is only a matter of getting to my golf strength. I do not have my golf strength back yet.”

Woods will be aiming to be fully prepared for the first of the season in the U.S. Augusta Masters at the beginning of April, where they bid to win the top 15 in search of all-time record of 18 by the great Jack Nicklaus.

Pádraig Harrington of Ireland won the final two of last season in his absence, but many believe it needs the return of an adjustment for Woods golf rescue the effects of global economic slowdown, with many feeling the PGA Tour sponsors nip in the United States.

In a disturbing message to its rivals, said that Woods never felt better after surgery and it could swing freely.

“I’m doing all the things I’ve been trying to do for a long time, but really I can hit my left leg without bones in motion. It’s a nice feeling! It’s much better than it ever has been because my bones grinding not against others. “


2 Responses to “Woods Puts Family Before Golf”

  1. coffee Says:

    i bet the people in charge of marketing the pro golf want Tiger Woods to return ASAP; he seems to have a huge effect on the level of viewership

  2. Oily - Simple Golf Tips Says:

    Thank you for sharing…..Giving me the golf bug!!

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