New Year in New York

NEW YORK – Strong winds, cold temperatures and blowing snow froze Celebrators worldwide since it began in 2009 in New York in Times Square on Wednesday night.

An estimated 100 million viewers tuning in nationally televised event can be thankful that he stayed at home as temperatures dropped into the teens at midnight and strong winds felt like a single-digit weather.

Despite a winter weather advisory in effect for much of the day in New York and in the celebrations, at least 1 million people are expected to crowd Times Square, according to the Times Square Alliance.

It is a tradition that began over 100 years ago with the launch of a ball made of iron and wood and covered with about 100 bulbs – far this year mass coated crystal ball.

2009: The ball weighs 11,875 pounds, twice the size of the previous balls. Waterford crystal includes 2668, 32,256 rebels and Felipe Luxeon LED has a palette of over 16 million colors and billions of items available.

Senator Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton helped New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg push the button to drop the ball at 11:59 pm

Throughout the evening, revelers were treated to music from the Jonas Brothers, Ludacris, Taylor Swift, parachutes, the USO and Lionel Richie. And, as is tradition in Times Square, confetti and fireworks in Central Park helped to continue the celebration after midnight.

The police had a strong police presence in Times Square – and the two soldiers, according to Commissioner Ray Kelly. Kelly told “American Morning” that his department will have the counter-terrorism posts, radiation and biological weapons detectors and helicopters to help patrol the crowds.


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