The 10 Most Heartbreaking Songs Of All Time

10 Bonnie Raitt: “I can not make you love me,” the luck of the draw (Capitol, 1991) “I’m going to feel the power, but no …” It is very “tasty” and LA-musoid, Smokey this ballad of resignation to the loss, but also rings hauntingly like a real articulation of honesty in the midst of misery – which makes it much like a song of healing as any other thing.

9 Lorraine Ellison: “Stay with me,” Single (Warner Brothers, 1966) “No, no! I can not believe it! You are leaving me!” The epic Bert Berns, Jerry Ragovoy ballad style taken to the outer limit, partly thanks to a loan orchestra of Frank Sinatra. Building slowly to the volcanic peaks, and laceratingly intense to the point of hoarseness, this is the soul emotion on the brink of absolute despair.

8 Abba: “Knowing me, knowing You,” solo (Epic, 1977) “No more worries laughter / silent forever …” Not to open lines of a Radiohead, Great Star or Jeff Buckley song, but one of the fab four Swedish loved moppets as karaoke crowd of young people. You see, the cheerful, optimistic big-hair and bright-suited to the story of Abba hid the sadness of not having two marriages, a sadness that the bubbles to the fore here. As with The Everly Brothers or carpenters, their arrangements may be impeccable and his pitch perfect harmonies, but there is some pain in them slots.

7 Otis Redding: “I love you too much time,” only (Volt, 1965) “You are tired, and his love is getting colder …” Good God Almighty! The prototype of depth of soul howl miserable, no, miserable lovesickness, sung by a Georgia farmboy which literally torn by the need for his wife.

6 Sinead O’Connor “Nothing Compares 2 U”, single (Chrysalis, 1990) Forget the famous video: everything is already here in the bruised Sinead delivery – while dazed and defiant – The Prince of the song perfect. “I could put my arms around every boy I meet …” But you know you do not.

5 The Righteous Brothers “You’ve lost that Lovin ‘Feelin'” single (Phill, 1964) “You never close your eyes and when I kiss your mouth”: it has to be the second biggest opening of the line ruptured any song ever. (The biggest is undoubtedly of Raspberries “ballad” Starting Over “:” I used to be so f *** Ing optimistic until you said goodbye. “) In theory it should not have worked, combining what was then almost an act of comedy with Phil Spector, a man known for the production of groups of girls. But somehow we all gathered in one of the most remarkable vocal performances of all time, with Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield crazy exchange of reasons such as James Brown of Siamese twins. “Baby, baby, I’d like to get off my knees for you … If you only love me like you used to do. “Sublime.

4 Kate and Anna McGarrigle:
“Heart Like a Wheel” by Kate and Anna McGarrigle (Warner Brothers, 1975) “It’s just a love / That can destroy a human being, to turn inside him …” Linda Ronstadt forget the limp cover: the sisters’ original of his amazing debut album simply wees all over it. Imagine Les Voix des Bulgarian transplanted to Acadia, with Kate and Anna’s mysterious, Pelluco mixture of voices in a meditation on love and the loss of all that of a kind of mystical bewilderment. Almost supernaturally moving.

3 Frank Sinatra: “I am a fool to want you,” Where are you? (Capitol, 1957) “But then came the moment that I neeeeeed you …” A second stab at one of the few songs Sinatra had a hand in writing – a song born of his debilitating pain over Ava Gardner – “I am a fool” is the sound of a desperate man who loves too, which maintains that back, masochistically, to the woman who destroyed him. One of Frank all-time peaks.

2 Roy Orbison: “It’s Over” single (Monument, 1964) “Your baby will not love you more …” (Hey, why do not you write to us, Roy?) More than a rat-a-tat, the execution squad bolero-beat, the Big O supernatural gives voice to what one called terminality. Still scary after all these years.

1 George Jones:
“She stopped Loving Her Today” single (Epic, 1981) “He said I love you” until I die … “Bobby Braddock and Curly Putnam wrote the shamelessly weepy lyrics and melody, producer Billy Sherrill covered on the runway Nashville sumptuous surround sound, and then the greatest country singer of all was the performance of a lifetime – a voice imbued with depth, knee – quaking compassion for the poor fool who never more the love of his life … until now, when “all dressed to go away.” I do not care how hard-bitten can be, I defy you not to get a lump in the throat of the 20-year-old classic of cornball liebestod. It is absolutely vital – the most heartbreaking ever made registration.


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