Mumbai Attact, Commandos entered dark hotel filled with bodies and gunfire

MUMBAI, India – Inside the dark, with Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, hallways were filled with bloodied bodies. The terrorists are still holding 200 people 33 hours after the assault began.

Knowing virtually nothing about what may lie in the dark recesses of the hotel, the commands of the Indian Army decided to go back in – and were met by terrorists firing without mercy, throwing grenades and continually changing positions.

The sound of gunfire and explosions throughout the affected atrium of the hotel, making it impossible to determine the origin of the gunfire.

Through all the commands I walked down the tall, black rooms, trying to navigate the damaged hotel without knowing the layout.

A spokesman for command, his face and hair wrapped in a black scarf and wore dark glasses to conceal their identity, revealed details of the mission in the interior of the Taj at a press conference on Friday.

At 6:30 am Friday, the battle at the Taj came to a head end with a shooting in the hall holding 200 hostages, he said.

When the shooting stopped, commands – known as the Black Cats – entered the room and freed all 200 hostages.

Their difficulties had been evident from the outset, he said.

“We did not know the design of the hotel,” the command told reporters. “There was a person in the hotel staff who was helping to steer around us.”

They entered the hotel for the first time essentially blind to what lies ahead. They had no idea what kind of people they are, what kind of weapon could be shown in them, and if it can be blown up by explosives.

“Then we heard gunfire on the second floor and rushed toward the gunfire,” he said. “While taking cover, we found that there were 30 to 50 bodies lying dead. At that time also was the subject of fire. The moment that we saw, which threw grenades.”

When the shooting stopped, the Commandos moved toward the source of the gunfire.

“At that point, which disappeared … who have gone elsewhere,” said the statement.

The attackers had a clear advantage, said commands, as is clear from their movements knew that the design of the hotel.

Some tourists rescued from the hotel said that the construction of the great dome and a large atrium made the sounds of gunfire and explosions reverberate endlessly. It was impossible to identify the shooters were.

Due to darkness, the commandos could not say how many terrorists were there – there are many, or only a few that continue to change his position?

At one point, he commands some of the terrorists were hiding on the eighth floor. As the commandos approached one of the rooms, the attackers opened fire at them and said that everyone in the room were dead.

“We fired at them and fired at us, but because the room was absolutely dark, and had arrived just [within] that makes it difficult for us,” said the statement.

During the struggle, two commandos were shot. It was decided out to eliminate the terrorists by blocking entry and exit routes. But the attackers knew all the doors, he said.

When it was inside the room, the terrorists had disappeared again.

Within that room, commandos found AK-47 rounds of ammunition, including seven magazines fully loaded, and 400 for other rounds of other weapons. They found grenades, credit cards, notes of U.S. foreign money and bags of nuts that in his opinion helped keep the attackers during the siege.

During the three-day assault, the attackers fired indiscriminately. However, the commandos were forced to use caution.

“Let me tell you one thing,” said the statement. “Within the first exchanges of fire, which could have the terrorists – but there was so many hotel guests – more than all the bodies and blood everywhere. And they were trying to avoid causalities of civilians. We had to be more careful in our struggle. ”

In trying to rescue the hostages and civilians caught, the commandos had to convince the guests who were there to help, not terrorists trying to trick them, Indian Army Lieutenant General Thamburaj said Noble.

“There are a number of rooms that are locked from the inside,” he told reporters. “It is possible that some of the guests of the hotel had locked themselves and for their own safety and security. Although we have identified ourselves are not opening the door.”

The operation can generally have become more difficult due to a late start, CNN sister station CNN-IBN reported.

CNN-IBN said that the attacks on the Taj Mahal Hotel were well underway at 9:30 pm Wednesday, anonymous sources, but said that the commands were not given the go-ahead to take part in the rescue until midnight.

These sources told CNN-IBN said that once the commands have the green light, it took almost three hours to leave Mumbai for his undisclosed location.

Once they arrived, the sources said, the commandos had no accurate maps of the design hotel or their access points.

While local police and other officials were at the scene, the sources said, the commands of the army and special force units are the only ones equipped and trained to rescue the hostages.


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  1. arbaz Says:

    we the mumbaikars did’nt oose hope and fought against the terrorist

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