Megan Fox Fans Fooled by ‘Wonder Woman’ Hoax

Since its role in the evasion of responsibility “Transformers,” 22-year-old brunette beauty Megan Fox has acquired an enormous Fanbad online. Therefore, was big news this week as revealed that she would be the image of DC Comics superhero Wonder Woman in the upcoming big screen adaptation. There is only one problem: it is a fake.

In the “Holy Trinity” of the DC Comics superheroes, an iconic figure has been conspicuously absent from movie screens. Superman had its heyday in the 70s, Batman in the 90s, and both have been revived in the last three years. However, Wonder Woman, the Amazon princess with the magic lasso and invisible plane, has not had a vivid portrait of action since the last episode of the TV series to air in 1979. There have been attempts in recent years to put together a film version of Warner Bros. Pictures dragged in by Joel Silver, a veteran producer of the “Lethal Weapon” and “Matrix” franchise. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” creator Joss Whedon was attached to write and direct, but left the project of “creative differences” last year.

Then out of nowhere the site appeared with a picture of the logo for Wonder Woman in an American flag with the words “The truth will be revealed!” below. As the day progressed, the bits of history were torn to reveal the figure below. Finally, the image of Fox in full costume, show, with DC Comics, Silver Pictures, Warner Bros. and logos in the lower right corner.

Many websites of the film ran with the news that Fox had been cast in the role. It was believed that Warner Bros. was trying to leak information Virally as they did for the first photo of the Joker last year for “The Dark Knight.” But soon some other intrepid bloggers began investigating the site of origin. sent a representative from Warner Bros., who confirmed that the site was “BS”

It is still unclear as to who was behind the hoax. The site is very well done, with obvious Photoshop, but the work done on a photo of Fox. It is also in the air as to when the “Wonder Woman” movie is going to happen. The study has indicated that the character would be a part of the “Justice League” movie that was in development earlier this year, but that the film has also been suspended. However, Wonder Woman is a direct-to-DVD animated movie of the same producers as the success of “Justice League: The New Frontier” and “Batman – Gotham Knight.” With the voice of Keri Russell ( “Mission: Impossible III”), “Wonder Woman” hits the shelves in February 2009. Megan Fox actually be seen in the following “the body of Jennifer,” a horror movie written by Oscar-winner Diablo Cody.


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