10 Million US dollars cat

KISHIKAWA, Japan – You have to look very carefully to the line of departure is good news when it comes to the global economy.
We had to travel six hours outside of Tokyo at the end of a line train country to find it. I find her to say, because to call the Tama a cat “that” could throw the city into a Kishikawa outright unrest.

Kishikawa is very protective of Tama, the cat has only recently pushed its local economy last year by more than $ 10 million. This is U.S. dollars, in case you’re wondering. Look at the report about the cat Tama

Tama of the strange story began a little over a year ago, when the railroad Wakayama heard about the cat go out on their friendship train stop.

The railway Tama gave the title of “Master Super Station” and built a cushy home at the train stop. She has her own custom-made driver’s hat. The railway line started to put the cat in the hat on his posters. And a star was born.

Japan, whose ambassador is the official Hello Kitty, was wild. Japanese television special to air in the special cat. One day in the life-book and documentary quickly followed. The tourists started coming, when it comes to travel hours by train, carrying fistfuls of cash and the purchase of the city until the new Tama goods with force.

Kishikawa is defying the odds: Displaying a boom in their local amid a national and global economy slowdown.

The city’s Buddhist monk calls it an “accident of life” and suggests other small cities to look inward to discover what is special about them.

But why is this happening in the first place? Are the Japanese cat crazy? Perhaps, but the truth can be a bit more complicated.

A businessman who took the day off work to travel hours to get a photo with Tama told me that this is an opportunity to take a break from all the problems facing Japan. For just a few hours, he said, is an opportunity to disconnect and enjoy a small city that is seeing unusual and unexpected success.


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