Led Zeppelin looking to tour without Plant

LONDON – British rockers Led Zeppelin are looking at the possibility of traveling and recording without a leader Robert Plant, which has resisted pressure to join his former bandmates.

The band, which sold an estimated 300 million albums and is considered one of the most influential in rock music, briefly regrouped for a single concert in London in December 2007, leading to calls from fans for a tour meeting.

Guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist / instrumentalist John Paul Jones is understood that both will want to return to the stage, as is the drummer Jason Bonham, son of original member John, who died in 1980, allegedly after a drinking episode.

But plant, which has forged the most successful solo career of the band members survived, has always appeared reluctant and last month issued a concise statement confirming his intentions. “Contrary to a number of recent reports, Robert Plant is not recording or touring with Led Zeppelin,” he said.

Jones told BBC Radio Devon that the band had already tried to potential replacements for the plant.

“We want to do. It’s a big sound and we want to arrive and depart,” he said in a guitar show in Exeter, southwest England.

“It has to be right. There is no point in just looking for another Robert. You could get was a tribute to the band, but we do not want to be our own tribute band,” he added.

Jones said Led Zeppelin, which broke in 1980, planned a tour and a new record.

Other big pop acts have re-formed with new performers in that, particularly the Queen, who has been working with Paul Rodgers in the voice of lead in recent years to replace Freddie Mercury who died in 1991.


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