Top Reason Why Men Cheat

What is the number one reason men cheat? 92 % of men said it was not primarily about sex. “The majority said it was an emotional disconnect, in particular a sense of feeling underappreciated. The lack of thoughtful gestures,” said Gary. “Men are very emotional beings. Just do not look well. Or does not seem so. Or not tell you that.”

Josh said that he cheated on his wife, Jennifer, because in his opinion underappreciated in the home and began to feel insecure. “This insecurity is really the catalyst,” he says. “I do not feel comfortable going to one person in the world should go, that’s my wife.”

With everyday concerns, such as bills, children and household chores, Gary said it was easy for couples to drift away from the appreciation of one another as they should. Gary said the other woman often makes the man feel better about him.

“[She] makes them feel different. It makes them feel appreciated, admired,” he says. “The men look strong, capable and powerful look. But on the inside, are unsafe as everyone else. They are looking and looking for someone to build them up to make them feel valued.” Men have a winning mentality, says Gary. Just think about how the men in her life while watching the Law of their favorite sports teams.

“They love to win,” said Gary. “Do you have ownership in the team? Looks like that. But as long as you’re in the game, even until the end, what I see. Once this is a break and know your team can not win, television off. And what a lot of people will say to me through this research is, ‘I felt like it could not win. “Now that might not have been great men to live with, I am not saying that is their guilt once again. However, if you want to ensure their relationship and understand and have knowledge of men, who feel like they’re winning with the things we do for you.

“Do not be afraid to praise or tell your partner that you appreciate what you do, said Gary.” We’re getting married because we want a person in the world who really feel it is wonderful to do all the things we do. We all want the same thing,” he says. “And the more we give, the more we have to change that.”


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