Taro Aso, new Prime Minister of Japan

Tokyo, chairman of Liberal Democrat Party (LDP) and Minister of Foreign Affair, Taro Aso become prime minister of japan, toke the place of previous PM, Yasuo fukuda, Wednesday (9/24).

The last prime minister, Yasuo Fukuda, resigned from his post in early September after less than a year, frustrated by the ability of the opposition-controlled upper house of parliament to stymie his legislative plans.

In addition Japan is facing stormy economic conditions, reflected in Mr Aso’s remarks to reporters before being confirmed in his post.

“When I look at the financial situation and other things, I feel like we’re in a turbulent period – not in peacetime,” he said.

“Frankly speaking, I am once again feeling the gravity of my responsibilities.”

The election was participated by most array party in Japan, 337 from parliament chose for Aso, and rest of them (117 parliament member) chose the opposition, Ichiro Ozawa. “As the result, committee chose Taro Aso to be next prime minister of japan.”, said Yohei Kono the chairman of Low Committee. To show a respect, Aso turn his head down and shake hand with all his parliament crew after the chairman of Low Committee announce it.

Making a solid governmental cabinet is the first thing to do, so Aso can take a support from people and committee.


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